The Real-Time Filmmaking Lab I: Storytelling with Game Engines, Mocap and Virtual Cameras

6th-10th DECEMBER 2021


Event Description

Are you working with film, interested in real-time filmmaking and do you want to learn how you can use motion capture, animation and virtual cameras in your own work?

Join us for a five days’ workshop on motion capture, animation and tracked virtual cameraa on the 6-10th of December in Copenhagen at Aalborg University’s Campus Sydhavn.

We invite one enthusiast from each of the main on-set functions to participate – e.g directors, directors of photography, actors, production designers, editors, vfx artists etc.
Will that role be filled by you?

The goal of the workshop is to give you a basic understanding of how to use the technologies and to get your hands dirty by working with the hard- and software which is used to produce and record animations within a game-engine and how to use them in the filmmaking process as e.g. previz, VFX or even final shots in camera.

The selected applicants (based on the best idea) will work as a production crew who will be producing previz’es, shots, sequences and maybe even a short film together.

You do not need to have prior knowledge of all the tech – you should just contribute with your expertise from your own field and then you will be working closely together with technical experts. They will assist you and the other crewmembers and will be teaching you how to work with this new workflow – all the way from the idea to final production.

The challenge is to create a short, engaging filmic experience for audiences which is rendered directly from a game engine.

We are looking forward to receiving your Real-Time Filmmaking Lab application and to explore how far we can go when producing together during the five days’ workshop.

The workshop is free of charge and will include lunch and refreshments.

N.B. The deadline for applications was on November 9th, so if you do not want to miss our upcoming future workshops in 2022-23, then please make sure to sign up for our newsletter here:

You can still check out the details and criteria for selection in the application material here (in Danish):

We are looking forward to producing with you!

Many greetings,
The ViZARTS team