5. - 7. APril 2019

During our latest lab before the summer, we explored the possibilities when working with storytelling through the lens of virtual productions.


We saw multiple great projects with the theme “Encounters” as part of the mini-jam ranging from small productions to experimentations with new work methods. Green screen, motion- and facial capture, augmented reality and special effects techniques were all in use to produce interesting results – everything done in real-time. 


We saw a lot of familiar faces as well as many new ones. We hope everyone had some inspiring days and that both regulars and newcomers are excited about our next events.


At the coming events, we will shift gears and have a deeper focus on storytelling. We have so far encountered and talked at length about the real-time technologies and tools.  With the next events, the ViZARTS community will use this knowledge to create experiments and explore the potential of what adaptive storytelling could look like in the industry in a few years time.