2. - 4. November 2018

The goal of the first ViZARTS Lab was for each crew to produce ultrashort, innovative cases of captivating experiences by focusing on the Story, Format, Engagement and Purpose.


The event saw 50+ participants and included several HyperTalks, demos and a weekend-long jam. We got to work with the Rokoko Smart Suits, Reallusion’s iClone real-time facial and finger mocap pipeline, Ikinema Orion, and other real-time game- and media technologies.


The videos were presented to the rest of the participants and everyone voted for their favourites, and we held a small and cosy award-show by the end of the workshop, Sunday afternoon.


The crews for the jam displayed a variety of talents, such as film directors, Unity developers, writers, animators, etc.


The workshop resulted in four experimental short films, where Wasabi from Malmö got to bring home the ViZARTS trophy. Congratulations!